With this competition, we wanted to shake things up and focus on community connections instead of random luck. We want to hear your best crypto stories and spread the word about how convenient and easy managing cryptocurrencies can be.

As we work to promote the bigger picture of crypto adoption, we started this campaign to celebrate how cryptocurrencies are already a part of our lives. And hopefully, inspire more people to get involved.

Not based on luck, this campaign is based on community votes. We’ve got some examples from the team, but first, let’s cover our bases and explain the competition rules.

The Rules

The competition is centered around the top 5 comments with the most likes or retweets that will win their share of $500, paid out in Bitcoin. The comment needs to tell a story of your experience within the crypto industry, from buying your first Bitcoin to making your first purchase using crypto.

For every like, the comment earns 1 point, while a retweet will garner 3 points. If you include your Oobit QR code you get an extra 5 points. The prizes are then broken down as follows:

1st prize: $250

2nd prize: $100

3rd, 4th, 5th prize: $50

The comment needs to tell a story of how you’ve used/received/sent/spent/ celebrated cryptocurrencies. All participants must be over 18, hold a verified Oobit account, and follow @Oobit on Twitter. The winner will be announced on Monday, July 18 on the official Oobit Telegram account and prizes will be paid out that same day.

Get Inspired

Looking for some inspo? We asked our Oobit team to share their crypto stories:

Dan’s story:

I recieved 0.01 BTC as a goodbye gift from my old boss, used it in a crypto casino and turned my 0.01 BTC to 2.7 BTC winning the daily jackpot.

Yaniv’s story:

Back in 2013 I went to see a Liverpool FC match with a friend. I bought the tickets and he wanted to pay me back in BTC so I agreed. 4 years later when BTC was at all time high we went to Bali together for 2 months with the profits from our BTC! HODL!

Get Involved

What are you waiting for? Leave your comment on Twitter and be sure to sign up to our Telegram before Monday, July 18 to see if you’re a winner!

Share your story here.

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