As we welcome in the revolutionary payment app that is about to change the way you make payments, let’s take a look at how it came to be and the team behind it. Since launching in 2017, Oobit has been churning out celebrated industry-focused solutions at every corner. Five years later and it's time to unveil a service destined to shake up our day-to-day living, we’re calling it the “new normal”.

What Is Oobit Pay?

Before we dive in, let’s first introduce the new star feature. Oobit Pay provides a seamless, instant and free means of transferring money. From payments as small as $0.001 to literally billions of dollars worth of crypto, Oobit Pay allows anyone, anywhere to send crypto payments faster than it’ll take to text the person. Needing only the recipient’s mobile number.

Simple, free, immediate. Talk about the future.

How Will Oobit Pay Come To Reach Our Mobile Phones?

A few years after launching, co-founders Amram Adar and Aharon Miller found a recurring obstacle in their path of crypto development. With a universal solution and team members placed all over the world, it became clear that paying developers in other countries was both costly and time-consuming.

We all know the battles of waiting for funds to come from overseas, and the pains of network congestion, thankfully the guys behind Oobit decided to do something about it. With a powerful team of forward-thinking crypto enthusiasts, they pulled off one of the most consumer-focused products on the market today.

Meet the legends at the forefront of the payment revolution and learn how they came to be involved in digital currencies, where they believe it's headed, and what steps they're currently taking to get us there.

As Oobit Pay opens payment channels to anyone whether they be at an arm's length or across the world, we usher in the new normal. From paying for groceries to paying local artisans to paying your cousin on another continent, we’ve got Aharon, Moshe, Shuan and their banging team to thank.

We do payments with zero fees and instant transactions, how do you do payments? Stay tuned here for more updates.

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