Six Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Courses For Beginners

Six Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Courses For Beginners

So you have heard of Bitcoin and you may also know a thing or two about blockchain, the underlying technology behind the cryptocurrency. What if you wanted to delve deeper? Fear not, because there are good and comprehensive courses out there that can quench your thirst for knowledge. What’s more some of them are entirely free of cost.

Coursera’s Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

This 12-week course is free and consists of both video lectures and testing. Coursera in conjunction with Princeton University has put together this basic course that answers commonly asked questions about digital currencies. If you have questions about how cryptocurrencies work and how safe or anonymous they are, this is the right pick for you. Click here to enroll. 

Udemy’s Bitcoin Courses

Udemy has a number of courses on Bitcoin covering all aspects from fundamentals to trading. A lot of these courses are paid but some are free. Take your pick from among courses such as:

  • Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
  • Certified Bitcoin Professional
  • Bitcoin Trading Robot
  • Bitcoin Trading Course

Coinbase Learn

Coinbase offers easy to use and interactive flashcards that can help you get a grip over the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain quickly. The flashcards are perfect for those who are just beginning their cryptocurrency journey. You can check out these cards here.

Coindesk Articles

Coindesk’s 40 articles on both cryptocurrencies and blockchain are a great start for any eagle-eyed beginner. They cover everything from the mysterious alleged founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto to how a distributed ledger works. 

Enterprise and Infrastructure Security 

The Tandon School of Engineering at New York University provides this course, which covers the whole gamut on cybersecurity. The program spans topics such as economic security of the enterprise, security of a hybrid cloud computing model, blockchain security, and mobile app security. This is a course suited to the needs of the advanced learner. The course takes approximately 14 hours to complete and you can earn a shareable certificate upon completion. 

UNIC School Of Business’ Introduction to Digital Currencies 

Taught by blockchain experts Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis, these courses cover the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies across the economic, legal, and financial realms. The program is suitable for beginners and comprises of 12 courses. You can apply here.

So what will you do with your new-found knowledge? You can, of course, use it to use digital currencies in daily life or even dabble in trading. Oobit offers the easiest way for you to purchase digital currencies using a credit card or a debit card via Oobit Pay.

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