Level up your crypto trading with Oobit’s new Swap functionality. You spoke and we listened, now this new feature allows users to bypass hefty trading fees among other costs and it strips crypto trading down to its core. Beyond what Satoshi Nakamoto might have envisioned, we’re delivering a comprehensive trading service to get you from A to B more efficiently. Learn more about how to streamline your crypto trading with Oobit's new Swap feature below.

What Is Oobit’s Swap Feature?

The Swap feature allows users to swap one cryptocurrency for another without incurring any excess fees. Simply trade in one of the supported digital assets for another and only pay the network fees needed to facilitate the transaction. All you need to complete this non-custodial, on-chain transaction is a positive balance in your Oobit wallet of the cryptocurrency you would like to swap, and that’s it!

Whether you’re using the Swap function to quickly hedge against a falling market, or you’re looking to swiftly liquidate a digital asset for another with more growth potential, Oobit’s new feature allows you to do so effortlessly and instantly.

What Cryptocurrencies Can I Swap?

While we’re in the process of onboarding new options, currently our Swap feature supports four top cryptocurrencies and one stablecoin:

As mentioned above in order to execute the internal trade you will need to pay the required network fees for both cryptocurrencies. This is to ensure that your transaction gets picked up by the relevant miners and is timeously executed. To further help this process along we have integrated the use of a priority fee structure into all trading activity on the platform. Note that due to the nature of blockchain transactions, once the trade has been confirmed it cannot be reversed or cancelled.

How To Swap Cryptocurrencies On Oobit

The process is simple allowing anyone with any level of crypto trading experience to take part. Once you’re logged in to your Oobit account, select the Swap option from the left hand menu in your dashboard. This will automatically open a menu on the right, from where you can select which cryptocurrency you would like to swap (“Swap from” being the crypto being traded and “Receive to” being the crypto you’re swapping it for).

Enter the amount you’d like to trade and check the summary page indicating the network fees and amount you’ll receive. It’s that simple, however you can follow the link for a more indepth step by step guide on how to use the Oobit swap feature here.

Streamline Your Crypto Trading With Oobit’s New Swap Feature

Navigate the volatility of the crypto markets with ease. Oobit allows users to effortlessly move from one asset to another, all within one convenient and secure place. Better yet, through the same account you can also buy and sell a wide range of over 60 cryptocurrencies through a number of convenient payment methods (from credit and debit cards to Apple and Google Pay). Ready to take your crypto trading to the next level? Open an account for free on Oobit today.