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About Cardano

Cardano (ADA) was founded by Charles Hoskinson, one of the original co-founders of the Ethereum network. He chose to leave the Ethereum project and form a new company, announcing the plans for Cardano in 2015 and officially launching in 2017. The project is an open-source, decentralized blockchain network that provides a platform on which developers can create smart contracts and decentralized apps (dapps).

Cardano claims to be designed for the “changemakers, innovators and visionaries” of the modern world looking to bring about global change. After launching, the network had a value of $600 million which grew to $10 billion in just three months.

Through the proof of stake network, developers can create their own dapps ranging from agricultural farm-to-table tracking to retailers managing luxury goods, and anything in between. The ADA token then aims to ensure that all dapp owners participate in the operations of the network, providing its holders with governance rights, including the right to vote on proposed network changes.

In just three years 71% of the maximum supply of ADA has entered circulation (roughly 40 of the 45 billion coins). See the chart above depicting the ADA price data and use the Buy button to start trading.

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ADA 35.05b

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