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About Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a "hard fork" of Bitcoin, which is a parallel network based off of the Bitcoin blockchain carrying similar attributes. During Bitcoin’s development, differences in opinion among the community led to a split in support for a specific proposed development. This split resulted in one team deciding to create a new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash, and implement the proposed changes onto that network.

Launched in August 2018, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain initially increased its block size from 1MB (as per Bitcoin’s) to 8MB, and a year later to 32MB. This allows the network to provide faster transaction times as more transactions can be verified at once, as well as more cost-effective transaction fees.

Although Bitcoin Cash is valued lower than Bitcoin, it is still an important network as indicated by the miners and users of the cryptocurrency who trade, transact and use the cryptocurrency every day. Bitcoin Cash wallets adopted unique wallets and identifiers to differentiate itself more clearly from the primary Bitcoin network. However, similar to the BTC network, the network chose to keep the maximum supply of BCH at 21 million coins. See the chart above depicting the BCH price data and use the Buy button to start trading.

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