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About EOS

Launched in June 2018, EOS was developed by Daniel Larimer and Brendan Blumer under the company Block.one. The platform is designed to provide developers with the means to build decentralized apps (dapps), providing an entry point into blockchain development. The team behind EOS also incorporated several features to make the process simpler and more user friendly when compared to its competitors. In doing so, the platform also offers its users a range of tools and educational resources to provide further support and development within the blockchain space.

EOS, standing for Entrepreneurial Operating System, aims to improve the transition for businesses and users looking to enter the blockchain world through a number of key features. Most notably, the network offers superior levels of scalability when compared to other blockchain platforms, it also aims to eradicate transaction fees, and is capable of conducting millions of transactions per second.

EOS is the token driving the EOS.IO system, which can be likened to Windows, Mac or Lexus. Users holding these tokens are also given governance rights, allowing them to vote for block producers and have a say in protocol updates. EOS has not put a limit on the total number of coins that could enter circulation. See the chart above depicting the EOS price data and use the Buy button to start trading.

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