Tether (ERC-20)

$1.00 0.21%



24H Volume

$201.19 b

Circulating Supply

$54.87 b

Market Cap

$54.83 b

About Tether (ERC-20)

Tether is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, meaning that the value of USDT will only ever be that of $1. Tether was created and issued by the Hong Kong based company Tether, and maintains the network’s value through holding an equal amount of dollars in reserves. For every USDT issued, one dollar will be held in reserve.

Initially Tether was called Realcoin when launched in July 2014, and operated as a second layer cryptocurrency token through the Omni platform. It was later named USTether and then USDT. Originally Realcoin was built on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain, however through the years the token became an ERC-20 token that was able to operate on many blockchains including Ethereum, Algorand, EOS, OMG and Tron.

Considered to be the most successful stablecoin, Tether has been a resident fixture in the top 10 cryptocurrencies based on market cap. The stablecoin provides users the opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency market without the volatility, and tap into the power of blockchain through its cross border payments. See the chart above depicting the USDT price data and use the Buy button to start trading.