OBT is Oobit's native cryptocurrency token, the key player inside the ecosystem.

What is OBT?

You're probably here because you've heard of OBT from somewhere. Maybe on a social channel. Possibly while using the Oobit App. Maybe somewhere else…

For those impatient, a summary: OBT is the fuel that runs the Oobit ecosystem — enabling fast and secure payments and transfers, while maintaining crypto-to-fiat transaction at low fees.

More on a technical side: The Oobit token (OBT) is a decentralized digital asset With a limited supply of only 1 billion OBT tokens, built on the Ethereum network (ERC-20). Every time a transaction occurs in the ecosystem OBT tokens are charged.

Why Hold OBT?

Save up to 25% on fees

Instant and secure transactions

Pay (almost) everywhere, online, in-store or just to friends

The Oobit Chain (OBN)

OobitChain network has implemented protocols making sure the cost per transaction will be lower than $0.001. OobitChain adjusts the fee rate to be at an all-time maximum of $0.001. At this stage, transactions are moved off-chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many OBT tokens are there?

There is a maximum and total supply of 1,000,000,000 OBT tokens (1 billion).

Where is OBT traded?

You can trade OBT on the Oobit app or from anyone of the following cryptocurrency exchange: MEXC. You can see all of our partnered exchanges on our official Linktree.

How is the OBT secured?

The OBT token is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The OBT token is a standard version ERC-20 token. The platform also functions as a secure MPC and Cold wallet backed by GK8 military grade security.

Can you bridge OBT on BSC to ERC-20?

When you'd like to bridge your OBT tokens on the Ethereum network to OBT tokens on the Binance Chain (and vice versa), all you'll need to do is deposit your OBT tokens to the Oobit App. The next time you withdraw your OBT tokens from the Oobit App you will select the network of your choice and it will be done automatically.