Security & Custody

Securing your funds and your privacy is our number one goal

At Oobit, we take a comprehensive security approach to ensure your cryptocurrency funds and identity are safe.

We take extra measures to ensure that your cryptocurrencies are as safe as possible.

97% of all funds are kept offline
Safe Storage

97% of all funds are kept offline, air-gapped with no direct or indirect connection to the Internet, distributed cold storage. We keep full reserves so that you can always withdraw immediately.

On-premises hardware and software system utilizes advanced proprietary cryptography techniques with military-grade physical protection.

Insured Funds

Oobit uses the Safest Environment to manage all digital assets. Custody funds are insured up to $500 Million.

Please note the insurance policy covers any losses resulting from a breach of Oobit's physical security, cybersecurity, or employee theft. This insurance policy will not cover any losses resulting from the compromise of your Oobit account. It is your responsibility to use a strong password and maintain control of all login credentials you use to access Oobit.

Top Security Team

We've assembled a team of best security professionals who take a risk-based approach to ensure all our user's assets are protected by the highest levels.

Oobit Security Features

2-Step verification on all accounts

Configurable account timeout for another layer of protection

Email confirmations for withdrawals

SSL encryption to protect you when browsing Oobit

Real-time monitoring for suspicious activity

Sensitive data is fully encrypted

High priority 24/7 live chat and email support for urgent concerns

97% of all funds are kept offline, air-gapped with no direct or indirect connection to the internet

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