Bitcoin Cash

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$12.71 b


$18.73 m


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关于 Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a "hard fork" of Bitcoin, which is a variant of the Bitcoin software. During Bitcoin’s development, differences in opinion amongst the community and developers led to a split in support for a specific proposed development. A bitcoin blockchain is valid when there is “consensus” achieved by the miners and users supporting it; the resultant effect of the divide between these two communities is that is that the community AND cryptocurrency became divided into two - one in support of the updated Bitcoin, and one that chose to develop the currency in a different direction.

When splits like these occur, the currency from that point in time onwards operates on two separate blockchains, each with their own miners; Bitcoins prior to this point in time are actually available to both the Bitcoin Cash and primary Bitcoin blockchains.

Although Bitcoin Cash is valued lower than Bitcoin, it is still a valid blockchain as there are miners and users of the cryptocurrency who trade, transact and use the cryptocurrency every day. Bitcoin Cash wallets adopted unique wallets and identifiers to differentiate itself more clearly from the primary Bitcoin network.