OBT powers the Oobit Ecosystem.

What is OBT?

The Oobit token (OBT) is a decentralized digital asset based on Ethereum with a limited total supply, issued by Oobit. The key idea in creating OBT is to significantly lower costs in the crypto world. When using OBT token you pay less fees for all the different crypto services.

What is OBT used for?

When buying, selling, exchanging, or even just using your Oobit card, you can either pay the fees using the assets you are using or pay with OBT tokens. If you choose to pay by OBT, you will receive up to a 50% discount on your fees. If you’re using Oobit a lot, consider getting more OBT’s to enjoy reduced fees.

Oobit team is currently working on the next release that will allow our members to be able to purchase OBT tokens, in the same way, they currently purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum, exchange between currencies, or transfer to other members within the Oobit system.

Stay tuned, as not only Oobit members will soon be enjoying the benefit of OBT tokens as they will be available for buying or trading on other top exchanges.

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