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Oobit is accepted at over 100 millions retailers across the globe, so you can likely use it wherever and however you want.

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Download the Oobit app on your Android or iOS devices.

Tap to pay in-store. Yes, with crypto.

Tap to pay anywhere you see the contactless symbol with your preferred crypto asset, directly using the Oobit app.

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Whether you're just getting started or already a pro, Oobit makes it easy to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 35 other popular cryptocurrencies in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oobit?

Oobit is the easiest way to pay with crypto in your day-to-day life.
Here’s how it works:
1. Download the app for iPhone or Android.
2. Create an Oobit account.
3. Add funds to your Oobit account .

When your crypto is in your account, you can:
1. Make In-store payment. Yes, with crypto.
2. Send crypto to friends.
3. Receive crypto from friends.
4. Buy and sell crypto.

Ready when you are!

How to Download Oobit?

Oobit is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Download it directly to your mobile device.

Where you can use Oobit?

You can pay with Oobit in any store that accepts the contactless symbol. Typically, they can be found on the payment terminal or at the cash register at checkout.
Contactless symbol:

Who can make tap payment in-store with Oobit?

Tap payment is available on Android devices at the moment. We’re working to bring this feature live for iOS users as fast as we can. This feature is available in selected region.

How do I sign up to Pay with Tap?

All you have to do is download the Oobit App. Verify your user, add funds and you will be automatically registered to the service. Please see the list of our supported countries for this service.

Can I use any digital asset to pay with Oobit?

At the moment we allow for the top 10 different crypto assets to be used as a form of payment. We are able to add other assets based on demand. Before making a payment you will be able choose your preferred crypto asset to pay with. 

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