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Go global with your crypto. Transfers between friends are always instant and free with the Oobit app, no matter where they are.

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Transfer as littile as $0.001, there is no longer a requirement for a minimum amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I transfer crypto with Oobit?

Go to the Pay tab, click the "Pay" button and choose the contact to whom you want to transfer ("to whom"). You can add a reason (optional), then specify the amount ("how much") and type the password sent by SMS. Once confirmed the transfer will be on its way. Once the recipient approves the request, the transfer will be executed.

What happens if I transfer money to a contact who hasn't downloaded the app yet?

Once you transfer any amount to one of your contacts, that contact will receive a text message explaining you have sent X amount over and to access those funds they need to download the app and accept it. There is a 72 hours expiration date on each transaction. As long as the funds have not been accepted the funds will remain in your account.

How can I know that the crypto I transferred was successfully received?

You will be notified by Oobit once the amount has been accepted by the end user. You can also see the status on the app.

I transferred to a contact and regretted it, can I cancel?

Once a transfer is made it cannot be cancelled, however, you can reach out to your contact and ask them to reject the payment.